About us

close up sunflowerMount Argus Work for all Initiative – Offering Hope and Encouragement to the Unemployed

Members of the local community have come together to set up an initiative to share their skills and knowledge to help local unemployed people in the area.  Through the Mount Argus Work4 All Initiative, we aim to offer practical ‘Help’ to those currently job seeking and restore their ‘Hope’ and belief in themselves and for the future.

Our Vision

Community interaction and being part of ‘something’ can be the first step in restoring ‘Hope’.  As a key part of our vision, we are aiming to create a warm, safe, friendly environment where privacy and confidentiality will be respected and all will feel welcome.

We plan to restore ‘Hope’ and empower people through the provision of practical training, information and resources.  This will help people grow in confidence and encourage them to use their abilities and gifts to their full potential.

Aspirations on ‘Hope’

Feelings of isolation as a result of unemployment can diminish peoples ‘Hope’ and darken their outlook for the future. A key part of our strategy for restoring this ‘Hope’ involves bringing people to the realisation that they are not alone and that there are positive, proactive steps that can be taken to improve their choices in the future.

Aspirations on ‘Help’

We offer a number of practical measures in order to ‘Help’ make a difference.  These services include help with job seeking, cv preparation, mock interviews, one-to-one advice and guidance in a friendly environment.

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You can arrive by foot, car or with the following buses:
9, 18, 54A & 83

179 Lr. Kimmage Road
Dublin 6W

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