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mockinterviewMOCK INTERVIEWS

As one of its specialist services, MA Work4All offers the opportunity to participate in a mock interview, where you will be interviewed in a formal setting in preparation for a real interview situation.  We offer advice to help you gain confidence in stepping back in to the working environment. We give feedback and tips on how to approach an interview with confidence.  Our aim is to raise awareness of an individual’s strengths and development areas, advising on how to work on them before setting out in the workforce.

A mock interview offers a valuable insight into how an individual may come across to a potential employer and how to best make an impression.  It also takes the nervousness out of a real interview as we prepare you for what to expect when it comes along.


Preparation for interviews

Before the interview:

  • Do some research on the employer – check out their website to find out more, prepare some questions about the organisation.
  • Know your CV – it is important to be able to talk to the employer through your CV without having to look at it.
  • Make sure you know where to go for the interview – if you are not sure, try to go to the place of interview in advance or leave early enough, try to arrive at least 15 minutes in advance.
  • Decide what you are going to wear the day before – make sure it is cleaned and ironed. Wear clothes that are appropriate for the job you are called for.
  • Get a good night sleep and get up early – rushing will make you nervous.
  • Be sure you have a shower and wash your hair – it’s very important to look clean, smell fresh and dress neatly.
  • Bring with you a clean copy of your CV, copies of any relevant training certificates, details of referees if not already supplied.


? “Tell me about yourself…”  take control of this question and ask the interviewer how far back they would like you to go explaining your CV.

? Why did you apply for the job…

? What do you think the job involves…

? What skills and abilities do you have for the job…

? Why did you leave your last job…

? What are your strengths..

? What are your weaknesses…

? How would you describe yourself…

? Where do you see yourself in  3/5 years time…

? How did you get on with you colleagues and manager in your last job…

? How would you deal with some difficult situation (they might give you some example) in the  workplace…

? If there is a gap in your CV, what were you doing during this time…

? Why should they employ you?…

? What are your hobbies and interests, what do you do in your free time…

? Have you any questions?…



  • Don’t be negative about yourself – talk about what you can do, not what you can’t
  • Don’t ask about salary – you can always discuss it if you get the job.
  • Don’t assume the job is yours because you have been called for the interview.
  • Don’t be late but phone if something unexpected happens.
  • Don’t leave your mobile switched on.
  • Don’t bring too many bags for the interview.
  • Don’t wear too much jewellery, flashy clothes, strong perfume, tracksuit or trainers.
  • Don’t drink or take drugs the night before.
  • Don’t fiddle or fidget too much.
  • Don’t tell lies.
  • Don’t let down your last employers.
  • Don’t interrupt or argue with the interviewer.



  • That you are punctual = arrive on time and dress appropriately.
  • That you are serious about the position and know a little about what the company does.
  • That you know your CV – bring it with you.
  • That you are polite and attentive during the interview.
  • That you are aware of body language – a good handshake and eye contact, do smile, try not to tap your fingers or feet, try not to cross your arms.
  • That you listen carefully and when answering questions, be clear and firm, if appropriate, give examples from your previous jobs.
  • That you sell yourself – talk about your good points.


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